So far behind!

Wow, apologies to all my blog followers..

it has been an overwhelming year with things going on (family and business) and I’ve just not kept up working on this blog. I do plan on being more regular in my future.


December Prize Draw Winner – Congrats!

Congratulations Hailey! You are the winner for the December drawing my etsy shop 🙂 Every person who purchased during the month of December had their name entered into the draw for 3 prizes (every item gave you a ticket, so 10 items, 10 tickets).

This evening, my daughter picked the winner from a random drawing.  Hailey, you won!

Draw TicketsThis is what December’s prize was:

Draw winner DecThank you everyone who participated.

Keep posted, I’ll be opening up a new contest very shortly.

Thank you and may you all be having an awesome start to your new years!


December Yule Celebration Contest – Win free prizes

December Contest – 3 awesome gifts to be won!

With Yule in my heart, I’ve decided to run a contest for all my buyers for the month of December in my Etsy Shop:

During the month of December, every time you purchase an item from my shop, your name will be put into the draw. If you purchase 2 items, your name will be put in 2 times – 4 items = 4 draw tickets. Please note though, kits that have several items in them, count as one item (or a single “kit”).

On January 1 2015, I’ll have all the names in a draw basket and I’ll have someone in my family pull the name of the prize winner.

So really, there is no limit to how many times your name can get entered into this draw.

How do you get involved? Here is the link for my shop.  Click and visit and see if you can find something that calls to your heart, or a supply you have been looking for, or just something nice for a friend.

Here are this months prizes:

1:  Polished Quartz worry stone that has been made into a pendant using silver plate wire that has a healing copper core center inside of it.  It comes ready to wear on a fabric ribbon knotted necklace you can slip over your head.  Colour of the cord is black.

Wire wrapped quartz by spiral sun herbals

2,  A single high grade piece of polished Aquamarine.Polished Aquamarine gemtones

3.  One 1/2 oz package of dried Calendula flower petals.  This is a wonderful herb for protection and safety, working on your personal psychic powers and dream recall.

Calendula Petals

It’s easy to get your name in the contest.. As the month progresses? I’ll be keeping up by posting how many names are in the draw…

Okay now to the Rules and Regulations


  1. Our contest runs from November 30 2014 until 11:59 pm on December 31 2014
  2. Eligibility for contest: Must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.
  3. Winners will be notified by email or Etsy conversation.
  4. If any prize notification is returned as undeliverable, or if winner does not respond to notification within five (15) days of the date of notification, prize will be forfeited and an alternate winner may be selected. I’ll REALLY try to reach you before this happens tho.
  5. Prize/Odds: Spiral Sun Herbals will award the prize to the name drawn. Grand prize value is worth $35.00 Canadian.  Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received.
  6. Winner does not have to pay for shipping fees but is responsible for any duty fees they may incur if crossing international borders.
  7. No prize substitutions or cash equivalent of prize is permitted.
  8. Prize will be mailed to winner’s residence as per the address provided by entrant upon notification of winning.
  9. Entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules, which are final and binding in all respects. By participating, contestant releases SpiralSunHerbals from any and all liability for any injury, loss, or damage of any kind arising from contestant’s participation in this contest, or resulting from entrant’s acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prize.
  10. Winner’s List will be posted on our media pages (such as blogs, twitter, facebook etc) but your private information will be kept private. Your full name and contact information will NEVER be disclosed.
  11. I reserve the right to make spelling mistakes and bobos on my contest page.. it happens.. I’m human 🙂


Yule Special 2014

A small gift from us to you.. May your Yule be filled with joyful energy and love filled hearts. :)

A small gift from us to you.. May your Yule be filled with joyful energy and love filled hearts. 🙂

Wow! I’m somewhat speechless as I look out the back window to the workshop here… the last time I wrote here in my blog there were leaves in the trees and lots of critters running about..

Today? It’s a snow covered afternoon.  Ice has formed on the ponds and the leaves are all but gone from the trees.

Yule is rushing down upon us quickly this season (or at least it feels like that to me).. so I’ve decided to offer a discount coupon for Every Single Item on my Etsy site.  This may help you when you are looking for a gift for someone special or stocking up your own herbal pantries.

YULE20 is the code to use when shopping on my site (click here to visit my etsy shop)

Alternatively, you can get there by visiting my website and clicking on the link provided:  If you click on the banner above it will take you directly to my shop.

If you have any problems using the coupon code in your shopping cart? Just send me a message.. I’ll be glad to walk you through it..

Cheers and may your early November be filled with joyful times.



Mabon Blessings

Wow the days are spinning by so fast!

Mabon is quick approaching….  The leaves are turning colours and the adult hummingbirds have all gone south.. only the kids are left now and they are buzzing around like crazy…  Here’s hoping you are finding joy in these last summer days..

Mabon Blessings

Mabon blessings to all.. a quick picture taken in our back yard as the leaves begin to change…

Lammas Celebration – Offerings to the Universe

This year, I feel blessed to have been included in a second Lammas Ritual gathering..

It gave me a great opportunity to look towards the future and think about where I’d like to see myself when Samhain peeks out from under the forest floor to say hello.

As this was a quick decision to go, I carried along a set of super fast crafted stones that would represent the elements and the God and Goddess.  I think I like these and I’m going to be making more as the cooler weather approaches.

Goddess StoneOf course, the following stones will have a lot more detail…

We had a nice long chat together about all the things we were grateful to have in our lives and where each of us would like to be in a few months.  During the ritual, several dragonfly popped in to say hello as well as chipmunks (ants that bite! OW!) and a few dogs passing by to get to the water.

We had our wheat to represent Lammas and then offered what was left to the wildlife (that were quite anxious to take over!).

Canada Geese in our Lammas Ritual circleWhat a joy it was to be this close to Canada Geese during the ritual…

It was a good feeling.. as we were sending out our offerings to the universe (bread and seeds) this is what happened:

Mallards come to Lammas

Several family of Mallards came ZIPPING across the river to greet us…

Mallards come to visit our ritualIt’s a totally different feeling when you leave your offerings out in a sacred space compared to putting out your offerings and seeing (right away) that the universe accepts your gifts and sends along its thank you’s (quack, honk quack).

Everyone left with a satisfied feeling of joy…

what a great way to spend the first Sunday of August…

Cheers everyone and I hope your Lammas was beautiful.


Lammas – Crafting Ideas for your Ritual or Gathering

Lammas is one of those seasonal changes that make me happy and sad at the same time.

Today I was outside and the sun has just crested down past the tops of the trees.  The breeze in the air was crisp and you could feel the dampness of the earlier rain in the air….  The wind was blowing through the trees and for the first time in month, I caught the hint of dryness that creates a symphony of new sounds.  “Crackle crackle”….

This makes me happy as while this is going on, the gardens are blooming with incredible growth but at the same time, I knows that fall is quickly coming to pay a visit.

Usually I celebrate this changing of the seasons with a small ritual designed to offer thanks to the universe for the bounty (or harvest) in both my personal life, business and gardens.

Harvest for our Lammas Ritual - Raspberries! YUM!

Harvest for our Lammas Ritual – Raspberries! YUM!

Here’s a few ideas you can use for your gathering:

If you grow herbs in your garden, this is a great time to collect and make smudge bundles. 

Making Smudge Bundles

Making Smudge Bundles

You can use a variety of herbs such as sage, sweet grass, lavender, lemongrass etc.  If you are unsure of how to make them, you could also just collect a few herbs and make a loose incense you could burn on charcoal or use as offerings in a fall fire.  I have to say, I do most of my bundling and garden herb work during the month of August and it’s a pure joy to use them in the deep of winter as a reminder of what’s to come (green, fresh and lovely.. and not just snow snow snow)..

If you don’t have a garden to pick from you could pick up herbs at your local market or grocery store (they often have nice plants.) Usually these plants are in the produce department and cost between $3 to $5 each OR you can buy sprigs of already cut herbs to use.  It’s a nicer idea to use fresh herbs to represent that the earth is still producing its bounty.

Clay and sea shell offering bowl
Create an offering bowl – I’ll post a tutorial on how to do this shortly.  You can use a quick air dry clay that can be purchased at most dollar and craft stores and add embellishments to your creation. As this is a time for thanks, its a perfect time to make something to use as well for this purpose.

Clay Goddess Figure
Use a salt dough recipe to create a goddess figure for your ritual or just for decoration on your altar.  This is a family friendly idea and easy to do in a group setting as well.  I’ve also seen some amazing cinnamon dough recipes as well.

Make Corn Husk Dolls to celebrate the bounty of the season.

Lammas Ritual - these are the corn husk dolls we made.

Lammas Ritual – these are the corn husk dolls we made.

Create an abundance Jar filled with items in your yard that you can ask the universal energies to bless to invite what you feel is “abundance” into your life.

We used a lovely selection of herbs that included mint (as it grows in abundance in the gardens), cinnamon and clover.  Also included were several coins and a fish hook to grab onto that luck.

During our Lammas ritual we crafted Abundance drawing bottles.

During our Lammas ritual we crafted Abundance drawing bottles.

We each buried our bottles on our property after the ritual was completed.

There's my jar, going into the garden next to the house entrance.

There’s my jar, going into the garden next to the house entrance.

This Lammas is also a transition time for myself and my blog here.  You are going to see some changes over the next month as fall draws closer as I’m going to be changing things around to include a lot more tutorials, helpful ritual ideas and going through old posts and changing them around.

How do you celebrate this time of the year?


Getting lost in your garden – What’s in your Garden?

Just a few days ago, my honey and I were walking around our yard.  And the topic came up.. “hey, do you remember when we planted this particular tree?”..

I do remember when and where these came from… at the moment.. 🙂

This started a whole adventure in yard project ideas!  A while ago I had started a book that had tiny drawing of garden beds.. of what was planted where and where we got it from.

It dawned on me today while I was sitting to get out of the sun, how neat it would be to have a marker on each plant reminding me of what it is.  Now I dont mean your standard plastic marker, I mean a lovely hand painted marker with information such as the date the tree (or plant) was planted and what it is.  Now before you start thinking I’ve bit off far more than I can chew (as some of you have seen my garden and yard).. what a lovely idea it would be to showcase tiny arts and crafts throughout the whole property that now only look beautiful but are handy too.  You have to know where some of this is coming from as well.. I just realized I’m turning 48 this year and I thought I was only turning 46… (shrugs.. I guess you loose count over time)..

I found this nice site with a picture on it that inspired me to considering taking on this project..

I also saw some other great ideas lately… I think spoons is a fabulous idea but you’d have to live in an environment that dampness would not be an issue. Or you just have to plan to re-do them every few years.

This site (clicking here to a new website) has lots of ideas to inspire you.

This is another site with more great ideas (clicking here)

As the summer progresses, I’ll be adding some of these to my own garden.  I would love to see what’s in your garden.. care to share?